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Thursday, March 31, 2005



    The 1st Annual International IRLP Contest has been a hit from its start back on the March 18 2005 and concludes on the 17th April with IRLP operators world-wide. Many participating operators have been sending in messages of thanks to the organisers. Graham VK3JBO, Roly VK3KXW webmaster, Bruce WB7OTQ and Keith KG4ZXK.Many amateurs have now experienced the IRLP for the first time thanks to the contest. Just on a 100 node owners gave permission to the organisers their OK to use there nodes.Of course with all things new some negatives have been received, but, the positives outway them. IRLP KEEPING THE RADIO IN AMATEUR RADIO It wasn't to long ago when the whingers were crying out "It's the end of amateur radio". Wrong, It's a new beginning. Well the contest is a success story for the hobby and the main thing is that's lots are having fun.So there you are, the contest is a winner and congratulations to the organisers 30th March 2005


    To all IRLP Node Owners and all Amateur Operators, Clubs, Organisations.The Bass Amateur Radio IRLP Group (Melbourne, Australia) in conjunction with The Chesapeake AR Service (USA) and node owner KG4ZXK - Keith and WB7OTQ - Bruce have organised the world's first International IRLP Contest to commence on March 18, 2005 until April 17, 2005.The winners prize is a very nice trophy, donated by Marine Computer Technology, Queensland, Australia. (Picture of it at contest whilst titled the "1st Aussie - American International IRLP Contest" is open to any amateur world wide, so long as you can access an IRLP node to participate.Graham, VK3JBO and KG4ZXK, Keith need permission from as many node owners as possible to OK the use of their nodes during the contest. Many have all ready responded. Please call Graham on node 6391 or send an email of permission to or call Keith in the USA on node 4865.They need the permission from as many node owners as possible for this to work well.Let as many amateurs as you can know about this great contest, and recirculate this letter to any amateur. organisation, club or group that you feel would be interested in joining in.The contest is for IRLP mode only.I am not associated with the contest organisers, or the Bass Amateur Radio IRLP Group. I thought (a) it's a great idea, especially for newcomers who may not yet have HF gear etc. IRLP is an easy mode to access. IRLP IS KEEPING THE RADIO IN AMATEUR RADIO.(b) VK3JBO, VK3KXW, WB7OTQ, KG4ZXK and many others have put a lot of hard work into making this a success and I'm sure they may have missed informing someone, somewhere of the contest. I hear VK3JBO almost 24/7 calling up various nodes around the world, day and night seeking permission...the man who doesn't sleep! Let's make his, and the other organisers efforts worthwhile.

    by ASHLEY VK3HAG 30th March 2005